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Save today. Save Tomorrow.

The Rheem® ProTerra® heat pump water heaters delivers savings when you buy — in the form of available government and utility rebates — and also with big energy cost savings. Because the ProTerra draws heat energy from the air and produce zero emissions, it is helping save the planet.

Up to 5X the efficiency of a standard water heater—producing fewer greenhouse gases1
Premium models include exclusive water leak detection and auto water shut-off valve to guard against damage2
Control, monitor and schedule your water heater right from your mobile device3
We designed ProTerra models to be just as easy to install as standard water heaters
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Unmatched Savings & so Much More

The Rheem® ProTerra® Hybrid Electric Water Heater draws heat from
the air around it to deliver unmatched savings and works like a standard electric water heater when the air
is too cold. Either way, you enjoy worry-free hot water.

Save Money & Energy

Save up to $491 per year in energy costs—that’s up to $4,910 over 10 years!

Heat Pump Technology

The ProTerra Hybrid Electric pulls heat energy from the air around it to heat your water, making it the
most efficient Rheem water heater with up to a 4.0 UEF

Carbon Footprint Reduction

The ProTerra Hybrid Electric uses 75% less energy5 than a standard electric water heater to
help minimize your impact on the environment—that’s up to 4X the efficiency of a standard electric water

Energy-Saving & Time of Use Scheduling

Save money and energy by programming your water heater to match your needs throughout the day—and take
advantage of lower time-of-use energy rates

Set Vacation/Away Mode

Reduce water heating costs while you’re away for a week or just the day—it’s easy to set from your phone
even if you’ve already left home

Demand Response Ready

Easily connect to utility demand response programs with the built-in CTA-2045 port. Reduce energy costs
even more and earn rebates by participating in Demand Response programs

LeakGuard™ Auto Water Shut-off Valve

Protect your home from water damage with this all-inclusive leak detection and prevention system that
limits leaks to no more than 20 oz. of water6

Built-in EcoNet® WiFi Technology3

Control and monitor your water heater—all from your smart phone

Energy Use Tracking

View weekly, monthly and yearly energy usage reports from your phone to help you better manage energy

Operation Modes

Choose from five operation modes to adjust to your lifestyle, all from the EcoNet App: Energy Saver, Heat
Pump, Electric, High Demand, Vacation

Advanced Diagnostics

Plumbers can view detailed alerts and alarm codes while at the water heater and via the Rheem Contractor
App to expedite service7

Did You Know?

Rheem ProTerra Hybrid Electric uses less energy to operate than a classic 100 Watt incandescent light bulb9.

Knowledge is Power

With integrated WiFi, homeowners can avoid cold showers, detect leaks and more. It’s all possible with ProTerra Hybrid and the EcoNet® App.3

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Degrees of Innovation

At Rheem, we focus on innovating with intent, engineering solutions with lifetime sustainability in mind—from material selection to smart features to responsible recycling
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