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Hybrid Electric Water Heater Innovation

Hybrid Electric Water Heater Innovation

Hybrid Electric Water Heater Innovation

Hybrid Electric Water Heater Innovation

Save today.
Save tomorrow.

The Rheem® ProTerra Hybrid Electric Water Heater delivers savings and efficiency.


Up to 4X more efficient than a standard electric tank, producing fewer greenhouse gases


Exclusive water leak detection and auto water shut-off valve guards against damage and offers peace of mind3


Control water heater settings right from your mobile device4


We designed ProTerra to be just as easy to install as a standard electric water heater

Unmatched Savings
& So Much More

Get the Rheem Hybrid Electric Water Heater today and enjoy years of energy-saving and worry-free hot water.

  • Save Money & Energy
  • Energy Saving Scheduling

    Program your water heater to match your needs throughout the day: higher production during high use times like the morning, and lower production for energy savings when no one is home

  • Set Vacation or Away Mode

    Reduce water heating costs while you’re away for a week or just for the day. It’s easy to set from your phone even if you’ve already left home

  • Demand Response Scheduling

    You can save on energy costs over the life of the heater with peak and off-peak energy rate scheduling with built-in demand response6, letting your utility company shift the energy usage in response to the overall demand for energy at a given time

  • LeakGuard Auto Water Shut-off Valve

    Protect your home from water damage with this all-inclusive leak detection and prevention system that limits leaks to no more than 20 oz. of water7

  • Built-in EcoNet WiFi Technology

    Adjust water temperature, track energy usage and set operating mode all from your smart phone

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction

    The ProTerra Hybrid uses up to 75% less energy8 than a standard electric water heater to help minimize your impact on the environment – that’s up to 4X more efficiency than a standard electric water heater

  • Heat Pump Technology

    The ProTerra Hybrid pulls heat energy from the air around it to heat your water, making it the most efficient Rheem water heater9 with up to a 4.0 UEF

  • Energy Use Tracking

    View weekly, monthly and yearly energy usage reports from your phone to help you better manage energy consumption

  • Operation Modes and Scheduling

    Schedule set point and choose from five operation modes to adjust to your lifestyle all from the EcoNet App: Energy Saver, Heat Pump, Electric, High Demand, Vacation

  • Diagnostic Mode

    Contractors can view detailed alerts and alarm codes while at the water heater via the Rheem Contractor App to expedite service10

Four Hybrid Sizes to Fit Your Hot Water Needs & Budget

Upgrading is Easy

Making the switch to hybrid heat pump technology is simple. All ProTerra Hybrid Electric Water Heaters have zero clearance requirement, making them a smart replacement option even in tight spaces such as a closet.

Knowledge is Power

With integrated WiFi, homeowners can avoid cold showers, detect leaks and more. It’s all possible with ProTerra Hybrid and the EcoNet App.3

Add Up Your Savings

Find out how much you can save on energy costs when you purchase your Rheem Hybrid Electric Water Heater. Added smart features like exclusive Water Leak Detection Alerts and vacation setting, plus energy cost savings and our 10-year warranty all add up for a quick payback in less than two years11 and big savings over the life of the water heater. For a savings estimate customized to your home, lifestyle and region, simply enter the unit price, energy rate and local rebates.

At Rheem, we focus on innovating with intent, engineering solution with lifetime sustainability in mind from material selection to smart features to responsible recycling

Ready to start enjoying smart, sustainable savings in your home?

Get your Rheem ProTerra Hybrid Electric Water Heater

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