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R98V Gas Furnace

R98V Gas Furnace

R98V Gas Furnace

R98V Gas Furnace

Enjoy Savings Through
Maximum Efficiency

Industry-first patented features and exclusive design make the Rheem® Prestige® Series Modulating R98V Gas Furnace a smart option. From top to bottom, inside and out, and every angle in between, we’ve thought of everything to bring you efficient and dependable indoor comfort.

Maximum Efficiency

A 98% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) guarantees you fuel savings year-round1

Ultimate Comfort

Modulating operation saves energy and maintains optimal comfort level during every season

Exceptional Reliability

The R98V gas furnace is designed with an ignition system nine times more dependable than other igniters

Communicates Well

EcoNet® Smart Monitoring Technology keeps you informed of your furnace’s operation2

We Thought of Everything…
And Then Some

Designed to keep your family comfortable for years to come, the Prestige Series R98V Gas Furnace was developed using our 360°+1 design philosophy. We strive to deliver the very best homeowner experience by evaluating every detail of a product from every angle. That’s 360°+1. And that’s why you can count on Rheem air and water solutions to bring you and your family years of comfort.

The Rheem Prestige Series Modulating R98V
Gas Furnace is Designed for High-Performance


R98V Features & Benefits

Ultimate Comfort & Performance

With a modulating gas valve and variable-speed blower motor technology, it adjusts automatically to deliver a more consistent indoor environment and maximum heating efficiency

Quiet & Efficient Comfort

The R98V provides improved airflow via patented heat exchanger design, which reduces operating sound by 20%3


The R98V comes standard with exclusive Direct Spark Ignition—one of the most dependable ignition systems available today—which is commonly used on stoves and ovens for its durability and reliability

Home Protection

The industry’s first blocked-drain sensor shuts off your furnace when a drain is blocked, preventing water spillage from condensation and potential water damage to your home

Easy Installation & Maintenance

The R98V delivers significant savings on installation costs and any maintenance if needed, and was designed with our INDUSTRY FIRST 7-segment LED display that makes service calls quick and easy

Energy Savings

Uses fuel efficiently and economically through maximum airflow and its patented heat exchanger design, which have earned the R98V an ENERGY STAR® certification

Utility Rebates

The R98V features a 98% AFUE rating, which may make you eligible for a local utility and/or municipality rebate

Enjoy Hyper-Efficient Heating

Bring the comfort and savings of the R98V Furnace to your home.

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