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RHCLA Classic® Series Commercial Split Air Handler

RHCLA Classic® Series Commercial Split Air Handler

CABINET—Powder coat painted. Matching discharge plenums

and decorative supply and return air grilles are available for use

when units are to be installed within conditioned space.

MOTOR—Inherently protected motors are mounted inside of

insulated cabinet to reduce motor noise. A choice of motor

horsepowers and drive combinations are available to allow you

to meet specified CFM at various static pressures up to 2" [.498

kPa] external static pressure.

LOW PROFILE—Allows for horizontal installation in most

standard drop ceiling applications, and the movement of units

through most standard doorways for addition or replacement



FILTERS—One inch [25 mm] throwaway filters are standard, but

filter racks are designed to accept either one inch [25 mm] or two

inch [51 mm] filters.

EVAPORATOR COIL—Two circuit, interlaced row split coils are

constructed with copper tubes and aluminum fins mechanically

bonded to the tubes for maximum heat transfer capabilities. All

coil assemblies are leak tested up to 450 PSIG [3100 kPa]

internal pressure prior to installation into units.

VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE—Provides 2-stage airflow

for improved part load efficiency. Meets California Title 24


REFRIGERANT CONNECTIONS—Field piping connections are

made through a fixed post between two side access panels on

either side of the unit. Allows flexibility to meet most field

conditions as well as full accessibility after the installation is

complete. Units may be used with two straight cool condensing

units or single circuit manifolded in the field using the copper

fittings shipped with each unit.

DRAIN PAN—The galvanized steel drain pan is designed to trap

condensate in either vertical or horizontal installations.

Condensate drain connections are located on both sides of the

unit allowing complete flexibility to meet most field conditions.

SERVICE ACCESS—Two removable panels on top and each

side of the unit are easily removed for access to motors, blowers,

sheaves, and filters.

HORIZONTAL OR VERTICAL—All models are designed for

either application and can be installed in either position as

supplied from the factory.

TESTING—All units are run tested at the factory prior to

shipment. Units are shipped with a holding charge of nitrogen.

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Any part: One (1) Year

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