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PowerPack ASME series commercial electric water heaters deliver a maximum of 190° F water and are designed for general use or point-of-use


  • Delivers 90-190° F water
  • Installs close to fixtures, eliminating the wait for hot water
  • Long-life ASME tank design: Proprietary steel formulation with high temperature porcelain enamel maximizes corrosion resistance
  • Lifeguard™ heating elements: Resist corrosion and burnout; separate screw-in type elements feature a stainless steel outer sheath of Incoloy® 840, which surrounds the Nichrome wire filament
  • Immersion thermostat
  • Water Connections: Hot outlet and cold inlet are 3/4" NPT plastic lined nipples which prevent excessive turbulence of heated water and results in optimum tank draw


  • 98 Percent maximum recovery efficiency
  • Minimal heat loss: majority of the tank surface area is insulated with 2-1/2" rigid polyurethane foam insulation

System Sentinel

  • Exclusive diagnostic system with glowing LEDs that verify heating element operation. LEDs pin point the exact location of functioning or non-functioning heating elements
Capacity & Dimensions
  • 13 Gallons: 28-1/2" tall
  • 19.9 Gallons: 36-1/2" tall
  • 30 Gallons: 49-1/4" tall
  • 40 Gallons: 53-3/4" tall


  • Integral fusing on each element
  • Two magnesium anode rods for long life and corrosion resistance
  • Full-flow, full-port, brass drain valve
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve, factory installed
  • Electrical Connections: Pre-wired, accessible control box with multipleknock-outs on side in size selections to match the National Electric Code. Sizes range from 1/2" to 2". A grounding screw is provided for attaching an equipment grounding conductor
  • Single Panel Control Box with Hinged Door: Provides immediate access to all electrical components and elements
  • Terminal Block: All models are equipped with U.L. listed terminal blocks for simplicity of installation. The terminal block will accept either copper or aluminum field connect wire
  • 120 Volt Control Circuit: All units are furnished with a fused 120 volt control circuit. This circuit is created by an internal multi-tap transformer of unique design that has four (4) taps for the primary voltages, 208, 240, 277 and 480

Product Info

Tank - 3 Years
Parts - 1 Year